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Children SURF CAMP – July – Week 3


WEEK 3: 15-07-2021 / 22-07-2021

SEASON: June 28 to July 30.

AGES: Between 10 y 17 years old.

DURATION: 8 days and 7 nights.

CAPACITY: 12 double tents. Between 18 and 24 people per week.

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  • 2h of class each day with equipment (wetsuit, surfboard, leash and wax).
  • lasting 1.5 hours.
  • oriented to improve your surfing.
  • Tiendas de campaña equipadas con colchón, sabanas y almohadas (para 1 o 2 alumnos). Where they can enjoy:
  • breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner.
  • with photos taken during surf camp.
  • Wi-Fi network throughout the facility.


  • with child.
  • Surf instructors, certified by FES or ISA. Pro surfers.
  • Free time monitors for activities out of the water.
  • Groups of 6 students maximum per instructor.
  • Accident Insurance and Civil R.


  • Free: To Conil de la Frontera bus station or Palmar de Vejer bus stop.
  • With cost:
    • San Fernando – Bahía Sur Train Station:
      • 3 students or more € 15 / student / trip.
      • 2 students € 22 / student / trip.
      • 1 student € 45 / student / trip.
    • Jerez Airport:
      • 3 students € 25 / student / trip.
      • 2 students € 35 / student / trip.
      • 1 student € 70 / student / trip.


  • Surf Camp for minors (between 10 and 17 years old).
  • Children must bring authorization from their parent or guardian to attend.
  • Mandatory to bring a sleeping bag or blanket.
  • We recommend bringing sunscreen, anti-mosquitoes, a coat, a beach towel and some sneakers for the skate workshops.
  • If you have skate material such as a helmet or protections, we advise you to bring them.

Our camping

In our campsite on the beach, we put up the tents.

They will be able to enjoy aPRIVILEGED AND SAFE natural environment. It is a closed area with surveillance at night. Monitors 24h with them. They will have all the comforts just a step away from the beach. Shower and bath rooms cocina, fridge, comedor, locker room, lockers, skate ramp, trampoline, balance games. The tents each provided with mattress, sheets and pillows to sleep comfortably. Free WIFI.

If you have any questions you can call, we will be happy to help you 😉 +34 637 425 312


Arrivals and departures I have no way to get there. Will you pick me up?

The arrival time at the Camp is 6:00 p.m. on the camp’s start day and departures at 4:00 p.m. on the end of the camp.
If you do not have how to get there, we can pick you up or take you to the bus station in Conil de la Frontera or the bus stop in El Palmar (FREE).

San Fernando Train Station:

  • 3 or more people 15 €/person/trip
  • 2 people 22€/person/trip.
  • 1 person 45€/person/trip.

Jerez de la Frontera Airport: To

  • 3 people or more 25 €/person/trip.
  • 2 people 35 €/person/trip.
  • 1 person 70 €/person/trip.